Damon K

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Sex: Male
Age: 62 years
Created: 7 years ago
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C4 coupe C4 coupe
thinking on maybe changing to Teal, Candy Brandywime or Candyapple Red. Undecided Open in gallery |
6 years ago
1985 1 6 years ago
C4 coupe C4 coupe
Open in gallery |
7 years ago
1985 53 7 years ago
  • Damon K
    Damon K has a pending profile:
    C4 coupe
     - 6 years ago
  • Damon K
    Damon K wrote a status update
     - 7 years ago
    Everyone on this site has a nice Corvette. How sweet it is!
  • Damon K
    Damon K wrote a status update
     - 7 years ago
    Took Abby for a ride in the Vette today. She slobbered all down the pass door. It was great. She is always up for a ride.
  • Damon K
    Damon K got the profile C4 coupe voted in

     - 7 years ago

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