C2 GRAND SPORT lightweight "cobra killer" 7.77 10
Date: 2014-1-3

C2 GRAND SPORT lightweight "cobra killer" 1963


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C2 GRAND SPORT lightweight "cobra killer"

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1966 - 427 Chevy BB old school endurance race motor.
Balanced & blueprinted to race specs.
ARP main cap studs etc.
Special safety wired endurance valve covers with special breathers.
Holley 750 DP with cold airbox.
I have a 4 Weber DCOE side draft carb set for this motor.
Borg Warner aluminum case super close ratio T10 4 speed.
Hurst shifter.
Hays competition clutch set.
Lakewood Full steel scattershield.
8 quart baffled road race oil pan @ 1.8 lbs per quart of oil.
Engine 3 quart electric pre-start oiling and comp accusump system.
MSD 7AL2 inside dash mounted countrol box & rev limiter
Aluminum radiator.
Dual electric fans ( eliminates mech fan )
High amp alternator with special race deep V groove double belt pulleys which drives only the water pump & alternator.
Aluminum water pump.
13.5 to 1 steering ratio.
3.73 posi rear axle ratio.
Tubing headers with 4 inch side exhaust no silencers installed.
450 hp.
No power steering.
No power brakes.
No heater or blower system etc.
No AC.
No parking brake ( what for ?)
No interior vents
Absolutely nothing under the dash just a fuse panel.
No ash try or cigar lighter.
Blue & White
Gray interior
Rims and Tires:
Front 8x15 Halibrand genuine pin drive 3 bar knock off.
Rear 10x15 Halibrand genuine pin drive 3 bar knock off.

Front tires Race Hoosier 245x15 race compound.
Rear tires Race Hoosier 275x15 race compound.
4 inch lightweight round main side rail tube with 4 cross over tubes.
20 gal fuel cell = 125 lbs full @ 6.25 per lb @ 72degrees.
Cosmetics & Styling:
C2 glass front windshield.
Plexiglass vent windows non opening.
Plexiglass side windows ( sliding ) up & down.
Plexiglass rear window with 3 high speed molded pressure relieving vents.
Rear mechanicals hatch lid.
No rear trunk floor or spare tire.
No windshield wipers or wiper mechanism ( motors & lever arms ) etc.
so the wiper grilles are hand cut into the fiberglass as part of the body.
No weather striping in doors or insulation anywhere.
1963 corvette instruments.
Grand Sport interiors have no glove box.
1963 steering wheel & horn button.
Outside emergency mounted kill switch.
Grand Sport 200 mph speedometer.
factory GS dash gauges + additional oil temp, rear axle temp.
Dash mounted rear axle oil circulation pump switch.
This car has no working fuel gauge, it has a race fuel cell
Dash mounted engine emergency kill switch.
lightweight race seats.
No inside door handles.
No inside window mechanism ( vent or side window )
1963 race style inside overhead loop roll bar tied to the chassis.
Fire extinguisher mounted inside.
Standard racing 4 point seat & shoulder belts.
Differential oil cooler mounted on rear deck ( inside the scoop )
Rear differential oil pump to circulate rear gear oil when it gets hot thru rear oil cooler.
Rear axle breather bottle with filter mounted above axle.
Dual rear electric fuel pumps.
Rear mounted fuel filter.
Remote mounted oil filter with front mounted engine oil cooler.
Battery located at the right rear of the car under rear hatch.
4 wheel disc brakes with 12 inch rotors.
Fender scoops are working rear brake air 2.5 inch cooling ducting to the rotor backing plates.
Weight - 2160 lbs.
This car was built & intended as a competition race Grand Sport.
Power to weight ratio 4.8 - this defines acceleration-divide HP into weight
Extremely quick ....Cobra guys don't want to mess with this car.
Fantastic braking.
Over 150 mph with 3.73 / 165 mph with 3.54.
Will spin the rear tires @ 90mph in 4th gear if that's what you want.
Multiple Best In Show winner.
Dash was signed by Zora Duntov & Dick Guldstrand....."Zora smiled"
It sounds like a race car.
It goes like a race car.
It feels like a race car.
And it gets race car HOT inside.
There's no relaxing when driving this car.

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