C3 Standard 5.47 30
Date: 2013-5-30

C3 Standard 1978

C3 Standard - This is during my restoration/modification.
C3 Standard - This is during my restoration/modification.
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Terry O
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- Male - 69 years old - User since: 5/25/2013
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C3 Standard

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Original L-82 4 bolt main block bored .40 over with Dart SS Iron Eagle heads to .357 with a Comp CS 283T Thumper Series Cam with a .513 .498 Valve Lift 283 303 Duration. Tremec T-45 5 speed shifts like a real sports car should. Brand new 3:55 rear gears from Duntov Motorsports. With the exception of the machine work on the engine the restoration was done by me at home in my garage.
My machinest assures me 375 to 400 bhp. Dyno'd to only 4400 RPMs showing 264 to rear wheels. Why push a new engine to the red line just to see? At 70 mph I'm turning 2300.
Black on black.
Rims and Tires:
Truditional 15" SS Cragars on all weather Firestones
All new upgraded; all polyurethane bushings, shocks and springs. Steeroid Rack & Pinion steering, new coils in the front new composite rear 330 lb VBP spring, Brand new Bilstein Sport Gas Shocks all the way around.
Cosmetics & Styling:
Front and rear 80s series bumper covers painted at home. New T-tops
All replaced; seat cushions, dashboard, door panels, climate control hoses and switches, steering column, mirrors, carpet, stereo.
Electric header cutouts, side pipe tips
This car has about 10,000 miles on it since I finished the mechanical and cosmetic restoration.
These two are the only Corvettes I have ever owned (so far) I wanted to own and drive a Corvette since the first time I saw one as a kid of 15. From that day on I didn't care what year or color I just knew I wanted a Vette some day. I got side tracked for almost 40 years with a stop in between to have and raise my son and daughter. My wife passed away in January of 2000 and before she died she made me promise her that I would not forget the dream to own a Corvette. After she passed away I started devoting all my attention to my long time desire and promise I made to myself at age 15 to own a Corvette and live the car show/car club life style. I got my first Vette in 05, a burgandy 88 coupe in near perfect condition which I affectionately named "Lil Angel" after my late wife. That car was my daily driver up until it reached 100,000 miles. Now she is my long distance driver for vacations and Sunday drives. In September of 2007 I purchased my 78 black coupe. She was a little rough around the edges but I've since done a 90% restoration to bring her up to the condition I want her in for my dependable driving show car. I spend most of my spare time driving to car shows or working on my cars improving them and doing routine maintenance.

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